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I have completed my research and about to place an order to get the following setup. I did a search on this forum but was unable to find anyone with this kind of setup to direct me. Please let me know if this setup will work and If I need to change anything. Also, I am still not sure about what HEAD and CAM I should get. (any idea?) Looking into either AFR's or PRC Heads and not sure about the CAM yet. All your help and comments are appreciated.Thanks

FORGED 370 + MAG (2.9 pulley) + 100 shot nos (direct port)

blueprinted and assembled 370" shortblock.
Weiseco 4.03" pistons-25cc dish.
Lunati 6.125" pro mod rods
ARP 2000 rod bolts.
Childs & ALbert Fire Power rings(high heat applications).
Fed Mogal 152M main bearings.
Clevite CB663 Hrod brgs.
Dura Bond cam brgs.
Crane Hyd. Roller Lifters.
LS1 push Rods Comp cams.
Ls1 ARP head stud kit.
Cometic head gaskets.
LS6 Oil Pump ported and shimmed.

Current setup.......2003 z06 +Mag+21mc blower cam+ecs alky kit+LG headers+Borla exhaust (stock bottom end)
510rwhp 498rwtq
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