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I am an experienced driver and should have known better but we sometimes have to make fools of ourselves to know our own limitations. I have many road miles and have driven my Calloway both on the road and extensively on the track.

The first autocross in the area was yesterday and I decided to enter the new Z06 just to sort it out a little.

Out of the gate quick, 3 pylon slalom, then a narrow gate to a right 90 then a short straight to the second right 90. I was in "Competition" mode and this was a short track, tight track/layout (2nd gear max). Into the first turn hot with a touch of power slide. Everything was fine until after the first turn, punched it out of the turn and the rear twitched right just a little, I cross controlled, let off just a little and the rear was coming back in line so I punched it again to make up the time. Rear immediately snap spun to left in a 180 degree spin. Felt real small as I finished the first run DNF/Off Course! Course Marshall Cautioned me to stay in control at all times.

Parked it and thouught about it. New car, cold tires and a dumb driver!

2nd, 3rd and 4th runs were much better. I left the Active Handling and Traction Control ON. I set the front Penske shocks up to 5 and left the rears at 3 for more "Squat". Proceeded to take 2 seconds per run off each run. I was running equal to Street prepared and other modifieds with my stock Z06 and was only 3 seconds off FT of D by a completely modified and prepped race worthy Mustang with a National Driver (Balanced, Blueprinted, 12" Racing Tires, Open Exhaust, Roll Cage etc. etc. Not bad.

Sometimes its the CAR that does the "Sorting"!

BTW from this experience I would never drive a Z in the rain without the traction control and active handling in the "ON" position. I know this car would snap spin in an insatnt in the wet with the slightest application of power and provocation.
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