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Frame Savers & Frame Rails

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Just FYI....I had frame savers and frame rails installed over the weekend and WOW, what a difference!!! Rather than listening to that god awful sound of my frame chewing up the concrete of my driveway I now here the wheels simply rolling the car over the entrance. The rails were also installed as a precaution and are a perfect fit. They are notched to accomodate the existing rivots and bent forward at the tips to pefectly fit on the car. All work was done my Andy at A&A Engines in Newbury Park, CA.
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Is your Z lowered?
Yes, about 1". I say about because i didn't lower it. It was either lowered by the dealer or that's how it came from the factory. When sitting side by side with another Z it's looks about 1" lower.
For the uneducated ones among us, I have to ask. What are frame savers and frame rails? I couldn't figure it out from the posts.
The Frame Savers are welded onto the frame under the front end of the car (in front of the air dam where the frame extends). It's a bracket that has a wheel attached to it. Hangs down about half inch below the frame which is perfect because you can't see them. The Rocker Rails are mounted directly under the driver side and passenger side of the cat between the front and rear tires (doesn't quite extend the entire distance but you get the point). They protect the underbody of the car should you hit something like a taller than average speed bump. For pictures, see a& They are listed under the merchnat section of
I wish I had the means to take the pictures and post them, the install was perfect! Sorry.
I think ALL Z06Vette Forum members should be issued digital cameras....

I get most of my product pics from product pages on the web........ My pleasure gents.


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