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FRC PARTITION 98-2001 available

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I have been selling these partitions to Frc
owners since 1998 and have hit the internet market with them as of Feb 2nd 2001.
The response has been overwelming online ,I
have them available now and can ship same day ordered .I also manufacture side covers for
the trunk and a hinged center cover that looks beautiful with the partition installed
.The install is very simple and can be removed easily by unsnapping it from the car.
Please Email Me for pics and pricing info.
If you would like to share the pics with friends and also links, feel free to do so.

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Sounds kewl! Please send pics to me at [email protected] Thanks!


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Please send pictures to [email protected]

2001 Z06
Museum Delivery
Thanks Tom Rogers
Top Speed so far 170 (at old airport)
I would like pictures also. Please send them to [email protected]

Please pics and pricings to >
[email protected]

Deposit on 2002 MY Z06-First on Campbell Chevy(Bowling Green,KY)list!! Due in late July!:(
Anyone else interested in this product, should click on this url


Nate Caro
Xtreme Motorsports/ Corvette Garage
Xtreme Motorsports
[email protected]
Please email me info on your divider and hatch cover [email protected]
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