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FRC Windnoise Around The B-Pillar

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I just read a copy of GM bulletin number 01-08-58-001 and it addresses the concern of some Hardtop owners about windnoise around the B-pillar(s) (this is the vertical portion of the roof between the door glass and rear window). The windnoise may be caused by a void in the sealer behind the B-pillar weatherstrip moulding. The repair consists of removing the weatherstrip retainer and the B-pillar exterior moulding and filling the void with GM RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant-Black, P/N 12345739. The time allowed for the dealer to complete the repair is 0.4 hrs. per side, so it isn't a major repair. Anyone with a Hardtop should contact their dealer and mention this bulletin number.Text</FONT f>

99 FRC
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That's great information. Thanks!!

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Mr. 99:

Great info, thanks!

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