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From '01 MY coupe to SPDWY WHITE Z06!!!

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After purchasing a 2000 mn6 coupe in august '99 {pewter} I realy caught the fever. I really admired MY so much I traded the '00 for a '01 auto MY coupe in august. The auto and me just could not get along. So in early December I called Lou Bachrodt Chev about trading in the MY '01 for a Z. They just rolled a spdway white off the truck. $5000 later that night I WAS DRIVING MY NEW ZO6!!! No comparison. Although white was not my 1st choice I am estatic about my decision.I have added corvette mike oem exchange chrome wheels and other chrome mods to spice up the Z.Pictures to follow soon KINDEST REGARDS TO ALL!!! FUBU69/LES BTW ANY SIMILAR STORIES LIKE MINE???

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White also was not my first choice, but it does grown on you. I gained a new appreciation for it today as the 5th coat of Zaino in 5 days went on. (I'm prepping it for the Corvette and Chevy expo this weekend.) The white actually shines incredibly.

Again, congrats and enjoy.

BTW, white is the rarest Z06 color.


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Congrats and welcome to the Forum
I am looking for a white Z06 myself, I can have just about any color but no white (that they will deal on) around my area, there are suppose to be a couple next week, best of luck with your car.

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50+ Vettes later and I still have the fever. Congrats.


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Congrats on the new Z and welcome to THE Forum.
I'm looking forward to seeing the pix!!

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The white and chrome look should be hot! Hurry with those pictures!

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Congrats, and you will see that white is alot easier to keep clean than you would think.

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I started off w/ a MY Z06 order in July and switched it to the SPWY White (sight unseen) after realizing that MY wasn't going to happen any time soon. After (happily) owning 1 previous '92 Artic White vert, I am very pleased w/ the new white: it does grow on you.

Zs kick *ss and take names!

Great choice, great fun!

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Two weeks ago, Rinke Chevrolet had a white/black Z06 in stock, it had BSM, memory and factory mats on it and the MSRP was $48,750.00. The car had 50 state emission label. If interested their number is 1-810-754-0440. Rinke is located about 25 miles North of Detroit.


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Congrats on the Speedway White... I love my SilverShark, but I would take a GreatWhite in a NY Minute... (white IS the rarest Z!)


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Changing favorite colors can be, at first, difficult. I went from a silver 97 coupe to a BLACK Z06...

When I first saw the Black with those Grey wheels..I went gulp..Trading in my modded silver coupe with chrome 2000 wheels that had been with me for 3 1/2 years Maybe a mistake...But after driving and some chrome
Wouldn't get rid of the Black Z for anything
Except maybe the 2003 anniversary...

Red with Gold flake...435 HP...split window


Douglas Perry

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