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From Donaldson to Vortex swap-out

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Last Wed I had Breathless Performance swap-out my 4 week old Donaldson for the Vortex system. In fact Ernie, President and founder of BPP, assisited and supervised his staff with the install. I did feel a sotp difference from stock to the Donaldson but really got a signifcant 'jolt' when comparing the Donaldson to the Vortex. The sound of the Vortex sucking air is like a hot chick talking dirty in your ears during sex! I plan on selling the Vortex in late August when my new EB Z06 arrives and install the Halltech Tric, mostly because it looks cool and want to experience Jim's product. I did sell my Donaldson to a fellow Z06 forum member in 1 hour after being listed. This place is the best.BTW Thanks to Ernie and his friendly and imformative staff at BPP. FUBU69/LES

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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