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Front plate cover change out

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I've been thinking of ways to jazz up the front of my quicksilver Z by using a license plate or something, since I think it looks a tad bit plain with so much silver.

I came up with the idea of getting a black plate cover and switching it out--I can always switch it back if I don't like it. I could even paint the Corvette letters silver, or red...

Here's a test I did with one of my pictures.

Let me know what you think, don't be shy, if you think it sux let me know.

Has anybody ever seen this done?

And without it, for a head-to-head comparison
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If you also use the turn sig-drl blackout kit on a silver z would look BAD.........
How about fabricating A Z06 screen. Could look awesome if done right. FUBU89/LES BTW You could powder coat all the screens in black!
JMO... the only downside could be the look of losing/damaging the "original" part and replacing it with an unpainted (black primer) part. Even though the black part would be gloss black, I have gotten replacement parts for other cars that came in a black gloss.
Not a biggie, since it is what YOU like/want that counts. If others don't understand the look you're after... F 'em!

I think the black plate cover sucks, at least on the picture it looks like a hole instead of a cover. It would even look better with a license plate. If it was my car I'd leave it the way I found it.
I would leave the stock cover on...just my $0.02.

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Stock here.

If you like it, do it!

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