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If you guys dont mind me posting this here, Im looking to sell my daily driver...

5 speed
171k miles

to anyone interested the ealier Rodeos bring the GM 3.1 liter carburated V6. I researched this before buying last year and I have heard they go well over 200k miles when well maintained ofcourse, and this one doesnt feel any diffrent, I purchased it with 163k and have drove it mostly US 50 from home to work and from home to the beach when not on the Z06, so with me its been all highway miles, the rest Im not sure but the motor is strong...

4wd works fine, I used this winter
New Exhaust
New U-joints
New starter
New brakes
Tires have half tread life left

Im asking $2900 on the auto trader, It is much for basically a beater but Its because of its condition and expectation of lasting a while, Im asking $2500/obo here on this site only.

any interest you can pm me or email [email protected]

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