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Racing junk link for picture:

Message me for more pictures or information. I don't have pictures hosted on anything besides Facebook so I can just email them as requested.

2003 Corvette Z06 NASA TT2
Clean title in hand
$22,000 OBO w/ 3 sets of wheels/tires, can make deal for additional sticker Hoosier A7s if interested
Selling to get funds for ST1/U super late model ASA build

3,150#, 387whp average, 8.14:1 #/hp TT2 classification
Street/track driven, generally drove to work in it 2+ days a week in summer
Winter maintenance completed (fluids, ABS bleed, valve springs/seals, inspected/greased bushings, etc), car is stored in garage

Built and ran in NASA Rocky Mountain TT2 half of 2018 and TT2 full 2019 season
TTU 1st place 2019 season
Ran in TTU majority of 2019 season for contingency, below are lap times from 2019
Pueblo TTU 1:36.56 on old 315 A7s (TT2 record is 1:36.1)
La Junta TTU 52.62 sticker 315 A7s (TTU/2 lap records)
HPR TTU 1:53.61 on old 315 A7s (TT2 lap record is 1:54.7)
PPIR TTU 1:01.63 on 285 Pirelli DH takeoffs (TT2 lap record 1:01.19)

-Stock longblock LS6
-Poly engine/trans mounts
-Comp Cams XFI 54-444-11 cam
-TSP dual valve springs/seals, brass trunion bushings
-ATI damper w/ ARP crank bolt
-New IWIS chain, timing gears w/ ARP bolts, Melling oil pump
-AC deleted
-Callaway honker intake
-Internally ceramic coated Kooks long tubes, X pipe, Corsa rear section, heat wrap around trans/diff
-Ron Davis radiator currently flushed/running Dexcool/distilled mix for winter, 160* thermostat
-Setrab 625 oil cooler w/ 180* thermostat w/ Amsoil Dominator oil
-Elite Engineering catch can and oil seperator
-Katech belt tensioner
-Improved oil pan baffle kit
-Turn 1 PS pump w/ Redline fluid
-New fuel filter, Racetronix fuel pump kit w/ alternator fed harness, new fuel level sensor
-Ford green top 42# injectors
-Heat wrap/shielding on everything
-LS7 clutch w/ Tick master cylinder
-MGW shifter
-3.90 LSD w/ one season old axles

-Two sets of OEM Speedline 18x10.5s
**One set with sticker 315/30/18 Hoosier A7s 2019 date code
**One set with used 315/30/18 Hoosier A7s 2019 date code
-One set of TSW Nurburgring 18x10.5s w/ used NT01s
-Recently rebuild LG G2 coilovers 600f/700r
-LG G1 f/r sway bars with new bushings/grease
-Poly control arm bushings, recently inspected and greased
-AMT adjustable camber kit and control arm stud kit
-Wilwood Aero6 14” front brake kit (brand new caliper seals)
-Freshly rebuilt OEM rear calipers, Centric blanks
-Wilwood street pads and race pads, various Hawk rear pads
-DRM/LG brake hub ducting
-ARP wheel studs, 2 weekend old front wheel bearings w/ 1 spare assembly
-New tie rod/toe links done early this season, all ball joints heat wrapped
-1/4” Elite Engineering tunnel plate
-Corner balanced and aligned w/ 150# driver (3,231 w/ 7/8 tank)
-Nine Lives Racing wing, reinforced to chassis, w/ 1/2” and 3/4” gurney, two styles of end plates
-ACP front overlay with 1/2” plywood splitter, mounted to reinforced radiator cradle and subframe
-Trackspec hood vents w/ vented/screened front wheel wells
-Blocked off Z06 grills, ducted/screened license plate holder for oil cooler
-Tow straps front/rear

-Marrad driver seat w/ Schroth Profi2 6 pt harness and sliders
-Sparco passenger seat w/ Racequip 3” 6 pt harness and sliders
-BK harness bar
-Sparco suede wheel w/ quick disconnect hub
-Radio/airbag/HUD/glovebox/carpet/headliner deleted (was prepping for roll cage before deciding to sell)
-AFR gauge and AIM Solo 2 mount in radio hole (AIM NOT INCLUDED)
-AMB wireless transponder mounted in trunk center section, mount included (TRANSPONDER NOT INCLUDED)

A few notes:
-Extremely low oil consumption during track weekends, roughly 1-2 oz of oil in catch can, oil level stays relatively consistent after 8 sessions
-Passenger side rocker panel was damaged and replaced with a dark green section, it needs some body filler and paint to finish up that project, I ran out of time
-Most of this season was driven on used tires, throw some stickers on this car and break all the local track records with ease
-Makes for a great daily driver, can easily drive to and from track events if using street tires
-The paint is faded on the trunk, it’s a track car so don’t expect show car paint quality
-The windshield has a crack on the passenger lower corner, but otherwise good
-If a roll cage isn’t part of your plan, I would suggest putting carpet back in the car as it is loud
-This car is 90% ready for the 2020 season, all it needs is a new set of front brake pads and check alignment/corner balance for new driver
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