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These are the same heads/cam that came off of Kingpin's car with the TTi stage 1 turbo kit. Back when he put these for sale, I thought I was going to copy his set up and go forced induction this year. My thoughts were, why not buy his heads/cam and turbo kit once he upgrades, he's already done all of the research. I've decided that this year won't be the year to do it. I'm expanding my business and going to leave the Z06 fairly stock.

The Cam is very clean and indicates no wear or tear. The heads are very clean as well, these heads came right off Kevin's car and were shipped to me without any cleaning. Kevin's tunner has done a hell of a job, no indications of detonation, A/F looks like it was burning perfectly. I believe Kevin told me that he had put about 1500 miles of driving on the heads/Cam.

I've e-mailed Ed at Lingenfelter for the head specs the heads are marked on the back side that faces the firewall.

Asking what I paid:

$1900.00 for completely assembled heads, no lifters.

$275 for the cam

cam specs:
LPE GT2-3 grind

These are boxed and ready to go. Would like to sell heads/cam together if possible. Buyer pays for shipping. COD, Cashiers Check prefered. May consider pay pal for an extra cost. I have these sitting in my office ready to go and I think I take pics with my camera phone if need be. I bought these site unscene and they arrived exactly as Kevin described.

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Please e-mail me at [email protected]

these original were bought off Kingpin was the original seller. Kevin's car was the first car to have the TTi twin turbo C5 kit.
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