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Fuel Recurve Hose Kit

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Anyone ever heard or have one of these? I saw it over at , but I had never heard anyone else talk about it.

Here is what they had to say...

Adds 1/2 MPG. Smoother idle.

Whenever you modify the stock air intake system, you lose the vacuum that is created in the stock air filter assembly. This vacuum is fed to the fuel pressure regulator and leans the mixture for maximum horsepower. You can recover the lost vacuum by simply installing the Fuel Recurve Hose Kit. The hose kit connects to the fuel pressure regulator and tees into a secondary vacuum port with a specially calibrated tee. This simple two-minute installation will let your engine acheive the full power you should get with items like twin air intakes or modified air filter lids.

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As said above this was for use before the pressure reg was put into the fuel tank.

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