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Fully Ported light weight valve train heads for sale Stage 3


Ok after long debate i will be selling my heads. I have over $3000-3500 invested in the heads. Everything is top notch and light weight. To start the heads were cnc ported then hand finished. The intake runners are 227. They were ported to the point that low end would not be sacraficed. The chambers are 67cc and the bowls look insane. (very smooth) The valves are Ferra Light weight hollow tip valves 2.08/1.60. The springs are ferrea s10075 Special Alloy Endurance Application
Dual Spring. These are some of the baddest springs around for ls1's.
The retainers and locs are titanium (very light). The springs are brand new. I have all documentation on the heads with reciepts.Understand that all the work and components are of the highest quality. Nothing was short changed here. I am selling them because i am selling the car.

price is $1500 firm plus shipping

please call me if any question 408-655-8063 or e-mail me [email protected]
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