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Some of you know that I am a Franchisee with Oil Can Henry's, a quick lube company based out of Portland, Oregon. I have been doing this for 12+ years now.

While waiting for my Z, I have been working with some of the local Z owners to have them come to us for their fluid and filter services.

I wanted to pass along some info pertaining to the rear differential application. This ONLY applies to Pennzoil gear oil. This info came to directly this AM from the Pennzoils lubricants hotline.

Pennzoil's 75w-90 Synthetic gear oil is LTD slip rated, and carries the additive packs required by GM for drain and refill requirement. DO NOT add the GM 4oz additive when using this product!!!

A couple of other quick lube notes.....

Pennzoil is coming out with a replacement SYNTHETIC ATF later this month, it will replace the current DEXIII, Mercon V, and specialty Chrysler Jeep App's. The only thing is doesn't cover is Type F, used in older FORD app's.

Pennzoil also has a Synthectic motor oil, (some people didn't realize that it exsisted!) It meets GM's SPEC, and all european and asian spec's as well. This is an awesome product!

Anyway........If you Love It,....Lube It!!:D :D :D
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