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On my way home from BG, I stopped in Lost Wages, NV for dinner. On the way out of town, I got on the freeway, and after shifting into third gear, TC And AH off, my rear end started fish tailing at full throttle. This stunned me since I was going over 60 mph.

I though maybe the freeway had a slick spot so I tried it several more times and the same thing.

What the hey?

Does anyone live in Vegas? Is it just the surface there?

Also, when shifting hard into 2nd with TC and AH on, (different question) the TCAH does not come on, but when I would shift under power into third, the traction control would hit? Tom Easterday had this same anomoly on his first 2001.

Any comments, thoughts?

Jim Hall

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I always leave the TC/AH on!! When I jump on my Z from a rolling start pulling onto a freeway, I can bang 2nd gear hard and the tires break loose for a split second... bang third gear hard, and my TC ALWAYS kicks on. TC is a little more forgiving on the 2001-2002 models in the first 2 gears than they were on previous years.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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