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Well, today I put the dashboard back. I got matching touchup paint and dabbed the screws after they were torqued in. It's a nice touch since it looks like it wasn't ever disturbed. It lined up perfectly with the factory holes, just popped right into place. I lucked out. The new vacuum harness worked out great with the windshield out. I was able to reach into all the places I needed to without disturbing anything else.

Remember, if you ever do take the dash out, when you put it back, just torque between 1-3 lbs. Boy, the dash looks great now. I ordered a dash cover from Corvette America. Also, ordered the lettering for the rear bumper in red, steering wheel decals and lettering for airbag also in red.

Tommorrow the new windshield and new molding go on.

I'm ordering the ring kit for the car, just in case. So far I haven't burned any oil, but then again I don't really drive it hard. The kit comes with all the rings, but you just have to replace the second ring. It should take me about 2-3 days to do the job. I had the head mechanic over my house from the dealership I go to. He has done a few already. He said that when he did one that was really burning, everything was loaded with oil on the top end of the engine, and it spun like butter, before he put the new rings in . Much tighter afterwards. GM said the customers have to come back to keep a record of every oil change to see if its still losing oil. He said that so far, one or two he did are still burning slightly. GM recommended not to horn the cylinders out. Just put them back and they should seat themselves. The design of the second ring is cut a little differently, so time will tell.

Let you know how I make out with the windshield tommorrow and replacing that thin finishing rubber molding on top. I'll have to clean about a half inch or less of the factory rubber sealant from the front windshield channels. Then I'll lay a nice bead on top of that after vacuuming clean and then just pop the window in. Hope all goes well. It's a good idea to put the rubber on and then place the window in for a trial run
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