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Please checkout this thread in the other forum.

The initial post says:
I asked Adam Boca (who works at the Corvette NCM) to call the plant and ask them about this controversy concerning the oil fill when changing the oil and filter. Here's what he said:

"Ok guys, sorry it took me so long to reply.....I had to make a call to the plant, and they are pre-filled, so I had to make a call to Detroit....talked to the Powertrain engineer that designed the LS1 and LS6......

He said that it only needs to hold 6.5 quarts of oil. He said if you were to overfill it could be worse than underfilling. He said 7 quarts can be bad for the engine unless you are planning to race it, then you will want to overfill 1 quart.


I think I'm sticking to what the dipstick says :D.
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