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A couple friends and I are going to Union Grove tonight for free racing. I suspect I'll get kicked out once I make a good pass. I've been to Byron once for 3 passes with my 2000 Camaro SS ([email protected]). A friend with his 2000 z28 and a mid 90's mustang are going. The mustang guy wanted to challenge me. He says he'll beat any car on the street. So I said "maybe you can, what do you run?" He says 13.2. I say, "I may as well not even go, I'll run 12's all day long and get kicked off after one run". So he says he'd put on nitrous. Should be closer I'd think. Anyway, my car is close to stock (Vortex & airbridge). I am concerned most with the burnout and launch. I know to avoid the water box. Should I clean off the tires, or do a full burnout? 1st gear or 2nd? Obviously competition mode. I seem to have issues launching on the street above 2000 rpms (even though I have very few launches from a dig). Any suggestions to run a clean, safe run for me and my car)?
Anyone else going to be there?
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