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I was just talking to these people and they claim 17 hp 15 tq on z06 NO OTHER MODS. Person said his boss had z and #s where from it. Help,,, is this for real? The # I called was 888 737 1118 thanx...It sounds too good....
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I have had 4 different GMS MAF's and never saw any improvement in power, the GMS MAF felt better at 1/4 and 1/2 throttle but gave no more performance. Sport Truck mag did a dyno test and saw no hp gain in the last month issue on a 01' GM truck. The stock MAF made the most power on my Vette with aluminum aftermarket ends. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I agree. Our dyno testing two years ago, showed no gain whatsoever. The plastic MAF was actually 1 mm smaller in diameter than the stock 75mm MAF and 2mm smaller than our billet MAF ends, which consistantly show 5 RWHP gains on the older style LS1 engines.

Halltech will be testing the 3.5 inch MAF with our venturi style ends vs the new Z06 MAF (screenless) on the dyno. Our TRIC/MAG makes 7 more RWHP on the 2000 LS1 than the TRIC/MAG makes on the 2001 LS1 or Z06.

The difference is the MAF ends and the honeycomb laminar screen used on the 2001. It acts as a "air straightener" to promote more accurate MAF readings, but it also causes a velocity reduction at the inlet of the MAF. It can be removed, but the Z06 PCM has less tolerance for unseen air, than previous years, which can result in pinging and erratic signals to the PCM.

This new MAF is a milestone for GM, since this will be the first time ever they have eliminated the honeycomb screen on any MAF.

I have had a standing disagreement with Steve Cole for two years regarding the screen out vs in. This should settle the argument if the rumor is true.

Since our TRIC design comes with fairly straight air due to the length of the tunnel ram, the screen has not been necessary. The venturi ramp in and out of the MAF provides a low pressure point at the outlet, thereby creating a venturi-vortex effect,
in the MAG, which helps to draw additional air into the MAG. With the MAG size at 24% larger than stock, we are seeing much more horsepower and torque than could otherwise be produced with a standard MAF and air-bridge.

It will be interesting to see what GM has done to "straighten" the airflow from the filter to the MAF on the 2002 Z06. My guess is some length of tubing before the wire pickup. As long as it is not S-shaped, which will be stepping on our patent.

I asked a birdy to get back to me on the new MAF, so that we would not be forced to retool a third time, but I haven't heard back.

Some members may wonder how our LS1 makes Z06 power. 337.7 RWHP/345 RWT. We have the LS6 manifold, better more efficient injectors, the LS6 exhaust, ported throttle body by Halltech, and the AL3.5 TRIC/MAG which has a definately advantage over our AL4.0, because of the MAF design.

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