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Jim and Debbie will be at SEMA the balance of this week, so posting answers will have to wait.

Pam is handling orders, and our T-1 backorders will be picking up speed. Halltech has three more molds in fabrication for the T-1 carbon fiber elbow, with one online now.

Thanks to this forum, our sales doubled this month over last month and are the best Halltech has ever experienced! We want to thank the forum for their support and purchases.

Four molds = four units per day. Each carbon fiber T-1 must be autoclave cured for 12 hours. This limits us to 1 system per mold per day.

If you can't wait, we can ship with the Titanium connection rather than the carbon fiber elbow. The Titan, however is untested, and we would prefer to get numbers, before we launch.

Our new website will flip over this week sometime with 31 products to start with. Please sign in and indicate your forum affiliation, which allows for a deep discount on everything we manufacture.

At SEMA, I will be connecting with several other manufactures of high quality parts for the C5, which will end up on our site at very reasonable prices beginning November 6th.

I there are specific parts you wish us to carry that we do not, please list a few here and I will check at SEMA.

Ernie from BPP. Hope to see you there! Haven't had a chance to meet you yet. Met Larry two years ago at the Birthday Bash. See you there.

Jim Hall
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