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In a post that has now gotten lost in abyss, I challanged anyone to bring their 2002 (bone stock) to Halltech and we would dyno stock, add our T-1 Package, and redyno adding at least 30 RWHP or the installation was free!

John Wu, accepted the challange and won. I my post a few days ago, however we had shown only 14.5 RWHP over stock, since we did not have the time to add the AFRC.

John took ours with home with his new found power and dynoed with the same dramatic results we found:

Here are his words:


Here are the results with the AFR Calibrator (it makes a difference!)


383.1 RWHP/366.9 ft. lbs Torque w/ CF=0.97, 76.2degrees F, 30.2-0.23in.Hg.


395.4 RWHP/378.6 ft. lbs Torque.

Base Pulls were at:


354.5 RWHP/346.2 ft. lbs Torque w/ CF=0.97, 77.8degrees F, 30.22-0.14 in.Hg.

Therefore a gain of 28.6 RWHP/20.7 ft. lbs Torque.

Anyone in the SF/Bay area looking for a dyno shop, visit

Dick Chiang, the owner of
in Mountain View, CA, helped me tune the AFRC until we saw the results produced.

Here are the setting positions for those who have the T-1 and AFRC.

Set the Low - 1100 position, (1 full notch, counterclockwise)
Set the Mid - 12noon position, (no change)
Set the High - 0900 position, (3 full notches, counterclockwise)
Set the Accel - 0 (no change)

P.S., Jim - I will fax you the dyno sheets. Can you scan and post them on the forum for me?

john wu"

John's numbers are within 2 RWHP of our numbers and he made 28.6 additional RWHP. That's 33.6 HP at the flywheel (don't worry, you still win, since I used RWHP as the standard)

John now has 451 HP with a 3 1/2 hour bolt on by Halltech!

Look at our numbers with the exact same setup:

RWHP Ours-381.2 RWHP vs. Yours-383.1 RWHP=1.9 RWHP
RW Torque-Ours-364.1 vs. Yours-366.6 ft. lbs.=2.5 ft. lbs.

Stock Ours-350.8 RWHP-torque-337.2 ft. lbs.
Stock Yours-354.5 RWHP-torque-346.2 ft. lbs.


Jim Hall

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Wow! :eek:

Very cool. :cool:

Thanks Jim! :cheers:

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Jim, this seems to be a winner, YOU definitely ned to do these same tests on an '01..............
I think for a gain of 30RWHP, and equal TQ gains, the cost v.s. payoff is a "Good to Go".
Please see what you can do to facilitate a like test on a stock '01.............

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Anyone who lives near me in the SF/Bay Area, is welcome to take my Z for a test run. You know the old saying from the Show Me State.

Before Jim started the T1 Install, he let me drive his Z, and believe me, I felt the difference. I didn't feel the power w/o the AFRC, but afterwards, it was running just like Jim's.

[email protected]

:cheers: :z:

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Impressive work Jim!!:cheers:
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