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If you are wondering what the heck we are doing now, check this out: From the Car and Driver Article-

Our test posed a particularly tricky data-gathering problem. We wanted to get not only the overall elapsed time for each car but also segment times throughout the course.
Since each car covered a different distance, we couldn't simply measure an elapsed time with our light-beam timers. Besides, we also wanted to obtain cornering speeds and acceleration data during each run. And we wanted to do so without lengthy equipment setup times and without subjecting our Datron optical fifth wheel and other gear to being ripped off the car by contact with a cone.

The solution appeared two months before our test: Racelogic's VBOX data logger. The VBOX is small — about the size of a brick — with one wire that leads to a roof-mounted antenna and another that plugs into the cigarette lighter. The unit records velocity, time, and lateral and longitudinal acceleration. To get the data, you plug the VBOX into a laptop computer and download the information for viewing through the VBOX software. The software is amazingly flexible and will cough up acceleration data, graphs, and track maps.
The VBOX works off the same GPS satellites that navigation systems use to determine vehicle position. Navigation systems are getting increasingly accurate, but they're still off by as much as five feet, which is too sloppy for accurate speed measurement. The VBOX, however, doesn't use the change in position to measure speed; rather, it measures the Doppler shift in the individual radio signals broadcast by the satellites.

Racelogic says that by using the carrier signals from four to nine of 24 satellites, the VBOX measures speed to an accuracy of 0.1 percent. Our own preliminary testing of the VBOX's accuracy relative to our Datron unit has proven the VBOX to be extremely accurate.
Our VBOX system, with the software, cables, and external battery, cost $5657. We also used the optional $460 speed display and the $2761 telemetry link that sent real-time data back to the staging area. We're unaware of any system that combines the VBOX's ease of installation, numerous measurements, and accuracy. If you know of another system that can do what the VBOX does, please call. —Larry Webster

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If local C5 owners would like to rent this equipment, we would have a per day charge. This would allow folks to find their favorite country road (right) and test 1/4 mile, speed, or anything else with incredible accuracy.

It looks a bit steep in price just to test 1 car.

Anyone interested?

Let us know.

Jim Hall

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That is a hefty price for data..Would this device be able to measure 30 to 50 and 40 to 60 mph acceleration runs.

Thats data I would like to see from Tom E's two vettes.

Don't know if the investment would pay off but the fact that its available today is in itself amazing..

How much would the rental cost per day?

Obviously I couldn't rent it..nor would I really have a place out here to use it..LOL

But its cool all the same.

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Rental Cost

I was thinking of $100 per day.

By the way, I emailed that contact on the RCS. Maybe you could give them a call. There isn't much info on their website.


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