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Halltech will be the OEM intake choice for all the C5s destined for a left to right hand drive conversions in Australia.

In a meeting with a VIP from Mercury Marine and HSV of Australia, Halltech was chosen to design and produce the intakes for all the C5s going through a labor intensive left to right steering conversion. The steering conversion satisfies the need of many C5 owners in Australia, England and Europe that cannot order this directly from GM.

The first conversion took 5 months to complete, with the process now down to 2.5 weeks.

During my meetings with a VIP at Holden Special Vehicle of Australia, I was shown the actual dyno (engine) of the stock HSV LS1 assembled by Callaway for HSV vs the Halltech TRIC. The TRIC made 22.74 more peak horsepower than the stock HSV intake that comes with the car. It was measured in KW, but converted to HP it showed this increase. The torque was 7% over stock and added 50 more rpm peak.

Needless to say, the Aussies had to put their eyeballs back in the sockets when the numbers came in. It was the largest increase they had ever witnessed for ANY modification done on their dyno testing. The dynos are the same as used by GM since they use the LS1 in all HSVs. The conditions are exactly the same in every pull. i.e. baro, temps (air, water, oil) wet bulb. This is difinitive independant proof of the TRICs power.

If you are wondering why Halltech is not the OEM intake system on the HSV? Cost and reliability. With the dust, dirt, and other elements, including water ingestion concerns, they opted to leave it alone.

We are happy to get this contract, which actually fits our size better than the entire HSV line. They are the GM of Australia.

Jim Hall
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