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We are offering a special Christmas deal on our Halltech Race Ported Throttle Body exchange through the end of the year.

Our porting service is normally $199.00 exchange or $499.00 outright.

We use only GM 2002 Z06 Throttle Bodys for those that do not want to take theirs off.

Here's our Christmas Special:

Send us your throttle body and we will race port it the same day we receive it and return it for $179.00. We will pay the shipping by ground back to you.

We provide the finest porting service available for your Z06 period.

Send you throttle body with the motor and TPS on.

Ship to Halltech Systems, Inc, 15561 Product Lane, Unit D-11, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. I will have a special purchase on our website tonight which registered members can select to pay online. Ignore the shipping charges. They will popup by default.

This is what you get:

Halltech Ported Throttle Body

Adds 5.5 RWHP at redline over stock.
If you want, we can start with a factory fresh 2002 Z06 TB and port and polish it for an additional $300.00 (Cost from GM) Halltech now CNC ports your TB, with hand porting final finish. We now include knifedging the throttle plate and milling the throttle plate bar. Show polished exterior available for ($100.00 additional-1 week turnaround with external polishing)
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