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see the "Halltech Giveaway" item at the top of this forum. Instructions and a link are given to get you entered. You need a Paypal account.

I can't get the paypal to work..LOL ..can I just mail a check to show support and be entered into the raffle?

Thanks for such a great site, all your hard work who support this site and to Jim Hall for donating the raffle item..

I already have an intake but what the hell..its always fun to try and win something!

Let me know if I could just mail you a check. Let me know the address.

Its a crazy day here in the new york metro area, I forgot how to do the paypal.. but I'm in the mood to show my support to this site and all my friends.



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I want to buy a raffle ticket for the Halltech, but prefer to send a check. Please reply as to correct mailing address, and who to make the check payable to.


Zippy :) :)
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