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A year ago we offered the Red Kevlar/Black Carbon Fiber MAGs (Corbra) for $389.00. The extra $60.00 mearly covered our cost for the Red Kevlar material over carbon fiber. We were unable to sell them at the higher cost resulting in a loss for Halltech on 35 Cobra's made. They sold at the same price as the less expensive carbon fiber.

If there is an interest, and we realize cost is a big factor here, in a Red Kevlar Black Carbon Fiber T-1 SideWinder system, I will price it out. We will not be able to order this high end material unless we get about 20 bonifide orders.

If interested, post your interest here. If we do not get the interest level, we will scrub the idea.

I wonder if it's bulletproof?

Pic of the Halltech Red Kevlar Cobra.

Jim Hall

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I am interested. 18 more?
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