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Halltech Sidewinder

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Has anybody used this new sytem yet?
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I would also like information /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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I have done some dd on this subject. The Sidewinder is the COOLEST looking non bottom feeder type intake system out there. However it is my belief that the Blackwing will do the same for half the dinero. Just like the Vortex vs Halltech bottom feeder I would be willing to pay the extra if I had a true pro to install the Halltech TRIC for me here in So Florida [Halltech Tric being the coolest looking of the 2]. So I'm having BPP VORTEX installed this Wed. Toss it around before you make your mind up. JMHO To me the look is just as important as the performance gain.FUBU69/LES

The SideWinder makes more HP and Torque than any other aftermarket underhood system period. Our system is designed to augment cold air by placing it right in front of the driver's side air vent on the Z06.

On Dyno day, we had two LS1 (2000 model year) customers with the Sidewinder pull 322 RWHP.

Thats 379 Flywheel HP with no exhaust mods. In fact the guy with the aftermarket exhaust made 3 RWHP LESS than the guy with stock exhaust. Go figure.

The unit is available with a 10% discount to all forum members this week. Sale ends on May 5th, 2001.


Insert your forum name on the last SSL page, and we will deduct the discount at our end automatically.

Jim Hall

2000 C5/ Halltech TRIC/MAG/Ported Throttle Body/LS6 Manifold/Z06 exhaust. Corrected dyno on April 14th: 337.7RWHP/345.1 RWT.

2 Blue 2002 Z06s On Order.
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Hey Jim,
Can you guys fabricate a sidewinder that has two air filters, one on each side? That would look very nice, the sidewinder just isn't symetrical, thus taking away some of its appeal.
This is just my opinion of course.
Great idea! I was just thinking of that on Sunday.....Jim this would be pretty cool looking!
Actually, it does LOOK great, but the bottom line is extreme turbulence at the MAF sensor, due to two opposing air-streams meeting each other at the radius.

Imagine two groups of people running from opposite directions meeting at the same point all fighting for the same space.

Our dyno and track numbers exceed this twin design by a wide margin.

One Halltech customer went from the twin design to our single inlet and went from 13.05 (best) to 12.78 and increased his trap speed by 1.25 mph with an LS1 just by switching to the Halltech from the twin design. This was with our TRIC, but the same principal of laminar flow applies. The straighter the flow, the less turbulence and the greater the velocity.

Steve Cole will not even make a program for cars with the twin design due to his inability to get AutoTap numbers that are accurate. He feels that stock is better than the twin design, and so do I.

Jim Hall
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I just ordered the Sidewinder. I'll get it on early next week and let you guys know.
Big Bad Wolf:

Welcome to the forum!!! Anxious to hear your upcoming report! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I got the Sidewinder last week and installed it myself with no problem. The fit and finish was excellent. I had the RM Racing Twinflow on my 99 LS1. I don't have many miles on the Z06 yet so can't make a good comparison. To date, the Sidewinder seems like it added more power and I think it looks better with the carbon fiber bridge.

Royce Estes
2001 Z06, Torch Red, Halltech Sidewinder, Kirban Shifter
We just had results of a dyno done last week with the SideWinder Z06 Package. The customer had heads and cam (mild grind) installed at the same time. Result:

397 RWHP. He expects 410 once the programming is finished. We'll keep everyone posted.

Looks like a great alternative to the TRIC bottom breather for water worriers.

Just an update on the Sidewinder system. I got it installed yesterday evening. Boy does this thing sound mean in the parking garage!! There seems to be a little more power and the RPMs don't fall back down as quickly. The only frame of reference I have is the stock system, as I have not installed any others.
I have to say the full Carbon Fiber sidewinder looks fantastic..This is the first photo I've seen and all I can say is wow!

Great work Jim!
??? What's the weight savings if you go sidewinder and pull the whole factory box off ???
I read that there is a 5 lb savings. Not sure where, but it's pretty obvious once you yank the old one off.
That's cool, think i'll go for it!!!!!!!!
IMA Z06,
Send me an e-mail if you have any questions. Someone with more mechanical ability can probably get it installed in 20 minutes from start to finish. Seems like a lot to pay for a few pieces of plastic, but when you see how restrictive the stock airbox is, you will understand.
Jim, what is the difference in HP between the sidewinder and the TRIC on the Z06?

It's hard to get much info on the Sidewinder system. I believe it will make about 10 less than the TRIC. I don't think Halltech has done a dyno with this on a Z06 as of yet.
The SideWinder should make 24 RWHP based on two dynos we have seen done by our customers.

The Since the SideWinder includes the Carbon Fiber MAG as part of the whole unit, it gains the 6 to 7 HP from it automatically.

The TRIC was recently dynoed in Austrialia by a Mercury Marine engineer who does work for the Holden Special Vehicles. They use a Callaway built LS1.

The result was outstanding and since they are a division of GM, we are pretty proud.

The result was 22 HP. 2.5 from our ported throttle body peak to peak, and 5 at redline.
Same results we got with the Z06.

The beauty of the SideWinder is it is all carbon fiber and is shielded from the onslaught of the water demon posts. The cold air comes directly into the filter through the driver's side airducts. The pre-filter can also be used for extra protection from dirt, sand and crap.

Jim Hall
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