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Back AGAIN by popular demand, the Halltech Stinger GP! Its our best selling intake kit by far! Pricing on the kits have gone up, but heres what we can do:

1-5 orders, 239.99
6-10 orders, 229.99
11-15 orders, 219.99
16-20 orders, 209.99
21+ orders, free shipping to the lower 48 states only.

1997-2000 C5 receive BLACK powerduct.
2001-2004 C5 receive BLACK powerduct.
2001-2004 Z06 receive RED powerduct.

Orders can be placed online as we now have a section specifically for GPs. Do not pay attention to the total price you receive if you place your order online, you WILL receive GP pricing.

We will not ship or charge anyone until the GP ends if we do not reach 21+ orders. If we receive 21+ orders before the GP ends, we will ship and charge as kits are available.

From Halltech's Website:

The Halltech Stinger intake is our newest intake system, and is one of the best intake systems available for the money. It features the same 25% more than stock flow numbers of our TRAP, but is an underhood intake, which does not capture cold air as does the TRAP. Ease of installation, and cost will make this one of the most popular Halltech intakes ever. The powerduct (tunnel bridge) replaces the stock air bridge, which is the most restrictive part of the C5/Z06 intake system. With our 100 mm straight shot at the throttle body and 15% more plenum volume, coupled with the largest filter ever made for the C5 or Z06, you'll feel the power. This is the same filter made for the TRAP, but it has been redesigned for simple installation at the end of the MAF. No cutting, no lift required, just 5 minutes to install. Kit comes with instructions and carries a lifetime warranty.

Please call or email us (please, no IM or PM) if you have questions.
Thank you,


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Can you squeeze and excellent deal in on the adapter part to make it a TRAP for all the guys who bought one from you on the last GP? Let me know I need to order a couple of more things from you and would like to save on some shipping!

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