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Only on this forum. If you are a member of you will save $100.00 on the Halltech T-1 Package when ordered online at:

You must register and login on to see the reduced pricing. Once you register, you will not need to re-register to get discounted prices on many of our items.

The Halltech T-1 Kit includes:

The Halltech T-1™ Space-Age Carbon Fiber Cold Air Induction w/ Halltech's Z1000 Race Filter; Halltech's TBCB & TBV Red Silicone Hoses; Halltech's CNC Race Ported Throttle Body; Magnecor KV85 Plug Wires; NGK TR55 plugs; Halltech's 'Insolator' Heat Shield; RC Engineering 30# Racing Fuel Injectors which will support over 500 HP!

We have two customers that have broken into the 11s with our T-1 Induction:

Kevin Mangan 'Butcher' 11.847 @ 118.82 MPH
Stock 2002 Z06 with Halltech T-1 Intake Only. No other mods at all.

Andrew Costello - 11.86 @ 119.86 MPH-Backed by 11.937 @ 120.274 MPH
2001 Z06-Halltech T-1 Induction/Halltech Ported TB/DRM Long Tube Headers

Best Holiday Wishes from Halltech!

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It is onsale for the forum already

You must register as a forum member, to see the pricing.

Check it out.

When you login on our site as a forum member the price should show up as $569.00.

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