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We will be distributing these beauties very soon:

Budnik is one block from Halltech, which means a one day trip to Halltech to get the TRIC and Budnik wheels.


2002 Z06 Museum Delivery 7-23-01.
2000 LS1
1999 LS1 Engine and Drivetrain available for sale. Hood doors, seats, some body panels.

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Pictures of the Budnik Wheels and Pricing

Here is the complete line of wheels specifically made by Budnik for the C5. Alan Budnik, the owner, is a C5 owner as well. His 2000 Convertible is shown here. Check out the exhaust on the side. It's BAD! He also sports the TRIC AL-3.5 with the Cobra CF.

Pricing: 17 Front/18 Rear- $2,995.00 MSRP
Pricing: 18 Front/19 Rear- $3,495.00 MSRP
Pricing: 19 Front/20 Rear- $3,995.00 MSRP

Pricing for the forum will be discounted as soon as we know our distributor pricing.

Personally, we are getting the GRID 5XX, which I think look very similar to the stock wheels.

Jim Hall
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