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Halltech was questioned at the beginning of our advertising in Corvette Fever regarding our claim "Halltech's Setting Records by TRICing out the Z06" Let's take a look at 2 1/2 years and see:

1) Over 650 TRIC Z06 systems were sold last year. 2000 TRICs sold since Halltech was founded in 1999. Record breaking sales for the Z06 intakes.

2) The TRIC with no other mods made 361.6 RWHP or 425 HP on Tom Easterday's Red 2001 Z06, which he sold before going to the track. The pull was done in 2000. This was 18 RWHP more than Tom's stock pull of 343 RWHP. 18 RWHP is a record for intake only on the dyno for the Z06-so far. Look at the delta between stock and TRIC at 6600 rpm-+23.6 RWHP over stock, or 27.8 BHP.

3) The Z06 TRIC system with no other modifications ran 12.42 @ 116 MPH which under the throttle pedal of Tom Easterday in his MIL Yellow 2001. Lowest e.t. at that time and fastest terminal speed for a stock Z06.

4) Current e.t. record for no mods but intake is held by RANGER with his unbelievable 12.1 @ 115.7 pass. Ranger has our TRIC only, with no other mods at all.

5) The quarter mile trap speed for no mods but the TRIC is held by RANGER at 117.66 mph.

6) The record for quarter mile pass with the TRIC and other bolt-on mods is held by Alex at [email protected].

7) Highest trap speed for the TRIC with other bolt ons: Held by Alex at 118.549 mph. (12.01 e.t. on that pass)

8) Top speed record with a 2000: 182 MPH at Bonneville
Found on

9) Highest 2002 dyno pull for a stock Z06 with no mods except intake only. Halltech T-1 SideWinder: 367 RWHP/357.5 RWT (431.7 HP/420.6 torque at the flywheel)

10) More satisfied customers than any other intake:

11) First C5 intake to receive a US Patent: TRIC

12) More 12 second passes with the TRIC than any other system:

13) Dyno proven results from GMs Holden Special Vehicle facility in Australia- 22 HP over the stock HSV intake. No dyno available. Information sent by Alan Bergman of Mercury Marine.

14) Record breaking pass for the Halltech TRIC on a non-Z06 with no other mods: Tommy Pierson [email protected] MPH

15) Best dyno pull with bolt on for an LS1 without exhaust mods: 337.7 RWHP/345.1 torque. More HP and torque than most stock Z06s

16) Fastest C5 automatic Brian Miller [email protected] MPH Automatic with Heads, Cam, Headers-TRIC™/MAG. ONEFAST99. Brain has since changed intakes to another company???

17) First intake system to be offered by GM Performance :eek: :-?
Just kidding. Onefastdog?

If any of these records have been broken by others. Post your actual DynoJet dyno numbers along with your mods

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Very impressive Jim!! :) I'll let you know how I make out this saturday at the New England Corvette dyno day. The only mods is your TRIC and a Kirban shifter.:cheers:
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