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We are overstocked (first time in our history) with Cobra's everywhere!!!!

We are selling the Cobra (MAG) for $249.00 through the end of 10-19-01 (Friday evening).

Halltech is having its best month in our history and we are selling the Cobra at $80.00 off!!!!!:eek:

This forum only!

For now, call Pam toll free at 866-379-8200 to order, and we will ship today. Specify the year. 97-2000 gets the IAT hole, and the 2001-2002 LS1 and Z06 has a different F-Seal for the larger MAF.

These beauties are pure carbon fiber with 25% more plenum volume than stock and are the same exact length, which means they should fit all other intake systems, including stock.

They are worth 5 RWHP on the stock Z06 and 6 to 7 on those with heads and cam packages.

Mallet uses the SideWinder and Cobra bridge on his own C5.

Jim Hall

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