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Now would be a good time to order your Halltech T-1 Package.

The 2002 or 2001 Z06 will gain 30.4 RWHP and 26.9 ft. lbs. torque with our complete package: $2198.00 ($2148.00 if register on as a forum member).

We also had the AFR Calibrator (included in the above price) onboard for the dynos shown.

How long are you going to wait for GM to produce those kind of numbers?

We are working on a less expensive version of the AFR Controller, but for now, this fully adjustable unit, will dial in WOT to the precise a/f ratio you want.

Jim Hall

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Your getting 448 hp out of a 2002 zo6..?

Thats amazing.

Congratulations on your T1 package Jim.

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Yes, without headers

Z06_2002 said:
This was without headers; correct?
I have had three C5s and never installed headers for one reason.

There is a perception that once headers are installed, the car is over the line for bolt ons.

Halltech manufactures intake systems. Once headers are installed, folks think the big numbers are a result of the headers.

We dynoed three pulls with the stock headers and the T-1 package only. Here they are:

These pulls were done to eliminate any questions about how much Hp the headers would add.

We had the headers installed the next day (Saturday) and since it was raining, we opted to wait until Monday to dyno:

We made 10 pulls. The first three were done without touching the AFR setting that gave us the 381.2 pull the Friday before. Our second pull was our best of 10, or 384.3 RWHP or 3.1 more than our best T-1 Package only. In the dyno below, there are actually three dyno pulls shown, even though two overlay each other.

One more point. The headers start making more power at very high rpm. I believe that if we did not run into the rev limiter, we could pull even more hp out of the headers. The T-1 starts to drop off slightly at 6600 rpm, whereas the headers continue to climb. Wow!

We do not sell headers at this time, due to distributor pricing requirements. We do recommend them however, since the weight reduction and Hp increase are real and repeatable.

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