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Harness Help

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Has anyone installed a harness for autoX? Any tips?
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I installed a Brey Kraus Bar with a fire extinguisher mount and Simpson 6 point Harness (both sides) with the Cam Lock release. The red Simpon's look great on the Black leather seats contrasted to the Quicksilver. As I just noted my CEO saw them and ordred a set for his Yellow Coupe. I just installed these black ones in his car and the look great also.

The installation is pretty straight forward.
1. Unbolt the 2 shoulder harness bolts, install the bar with new bolts including thr factory shoulder belts.

2. Unbolt the 4 seat nuts (be carful with the front bolt covers when taking them off and reinstalling them. They will crack real easy)

3. Carefully pop off the rocker trim and door side jam trim.

4. unbolt the outside lapbelt reel and install the racing belt lap belt box and reinstall. (Larger box goes on passenger side. Factory reel fits nicely into racing box mount).

5. Climb in opposite seat and carefully tilt seat to get at the inside factory buckle. (I lined tranny tunnel and rocker panel with my wife's best terry cloth bath towels at this point. Seat bracket can scratch tunnel trim) Unbolt it and reinstall with new shim washer and inside bracket.

6. Put seat back on 4 floor studs. Attatch Harness bar anti sub stabilizer and tighten down 4 seat nuts.

7. Attatch stabilizer bar to Harness bar and tighten all nuts. ( Wait to tighten the Harness Bar bolts last).

8. Reattatch the rocker and side door jam trim (snaps right back in the side jam first).

9. Recheck all the bolts and nuts for tightness. Repeat for other side if your installing passenger side belts too.

10. Tighten Harness bar bolts

11. Clip in the belts. Caution....the belts can take a huge chunck out of your inside rockers if you are not careful.

Read instructions first. You will have to purchase a special torx key socket an A-500 I think as specified for the reel box and shoulder harness factory bolts. You can easily do this in 2 hours. You will only need assistance when you first fit the harness bar.
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Sure is. Brey Krause Harness Bar IS legal for Super Stock for the purpose of mounting the harness to it.

Solo II GCR 13.2.H .... A horizontal "harness bar" may be used as part of the installation hardware for allowed driver restraints. .....

BUT, you most mount a harness to it and wear the harness for it to be legal

BTW, a 4 point welded roll bar is also legal. a 6 point welded in roll cage is not but a bolted in one is.
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