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Has anyone began a list of Z06 Specific GM part numbers?

If not, I'd like to begin to get one together and maybe have it posted in a technical section of this site?

If you have any numbers, please let me know.

Good / bad idea?



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I thinks this is a great idea. Not only Z06 spefific. Also maybe a C5 general part numbers.

I have this one:
Hood Liner Fasteners - 20064875

I also have one for the fan shroud at home. I'll post it later.


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On 2001-03-27 18:31, Z11409 spewed forth this drivel:
I have a copy of a partial factory list dated 12-16-2000,both C5 and Z06. Have no scanner to send it out,Frank if youu have a fax will send it to you.

Fax it to me at (314)731-6274. Wait till later this evening to fax it. That is my work fax and I will get it when I go to work in the morning.
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