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Has anyone put a Powerloader on a Z06 yet?

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I'm interested in the Powerloader, but want to see the results.
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I'm really curious if anyone has added a Powerloader yet, and if so, was it worth the money?? Is Steve Cole making them yet??

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Not yet! Steve is still doing the 2nd group purchase. He will hopefully have something this spring. This goes for the 2001 Coupe and Convert models too.

Itchin' to get the Powerloader are we Frank???

You know my answer as to the worth of it.

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Frank, Steve used my first 06 for a mule car. Then disaster struck and he had his accident. When I saw him at the dyno day in Oct he said it would be after the first of the year. Given the GP's aren't done yet, it would seem that we are still a couple of months away, but that is only MY guess. Sure wish I could get it, it makes my coupe haul!

Tom E
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