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Have you ever gotten traction control on a 2-3 shift?

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Me (a quick silver Z06), and him (a silver Honda S2000) transition from a city road to a highway. So it was a rolling "start" from about 35 mph. He was about 10 feet ahead of me, and he got a jump on the WOT on me by about a second or two. That's OK, I figure he needs the head start. Of course traction control kicks in as soon as I nailed it in second, oh well. Shifting at redline, I actually got traction control again when I engaged 3rd as I was rounding a slight bend in the road. The 10 foot starting lead, plus the 1-2 second head start, plus two traction-control events resulted in me just keeping up with rice boy. Damn! I should just select "Competition" mode every time I get in the car (when it's not raining, that is). Has anyone else ever got TC on the 2-3 shift?

Anyway, I finally started closing as I was approaching 3rd gear redline, but we ran out of running room as we approached other cars on the highway...
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Yes, I've had this happen a couple times when the RPMs are in the right range when I shift.
I believe I have had this too but I try not to watch the DIC too closely under these driving conditions. You should be able to see this on 3-4 and maybe one more if you have the room. The sound has certainly been there but I am usually in comp mode in those runs.
I have never driven with traction control on yet. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Will happen on 3-4 shift too about 6200 shift point.

Yup, 2-3 shift breaks the tires loose here.
I get it sometimes from 3-4.
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