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I have seen the #s on the B&B shortys for the Z06, and frankly, thought there may be a bit more gain than shown on Rat's car. 11HP all at the top, seems a bit low. How do you like your long tubes, and how much gain did you get, if you know?
I can live w/o the precats, just did not want the install hassel of long tubes, but it looks like they are the way to go. your opinion, please.


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We have installed many TPIS headers on an ls1s and have gained 14-17hp on the dyno. The cars have had only bolt on parts for mods. We then proceed to delete the cats on one of our customers cars. 7hp was the gain with no cats. Its my opinion the deleting the cats is not worth the time,cost and SMELL!
Gaining 45 hp with LT headers and no cats is not realistic. Maybe 20 or so is.
I also believe shorties is a waste of money compared to the gains. Unless, you want something to bolt on where removal might be necessary. You will gain good power from long tubes and the TPIS headers can not be beat for the money!

hcvone- send me an email! Are you ready for your first mod?


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