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My son Connor is 11 and races go karts. This past year he went to Italy for the first time for the Rok Cup International Final and beat 162 drivers from 31 different countries to bring the World Championship back to the USA for only the 2nd time ever. He's entered the Champion Auto Parts "Search for a Champion" contest which gives the winners $$ to help their racing.

If you have time, please help us out by registering on the Search for a Champion web site below and vote for him at least once (you can vote 1x per day through early February). There's a 2 min video of him with some color on his racing if you want to watch. Thanks for helping!!

Vote Now in the 2018 Search for A Champion Contest

Neat little side story - when we were in Italy we met Jan Magnussen's brother Erik who had a son racing in Connor's class. Didn't know who he was at the time but after we won and got home he facebook messaged me and said I should contact his brother who might be able to help with Connor. I realized then it was Jan. I did connect with him via email and he said he would talk to the Chevy folks about Connor. Who knows if it ever goes anywhere but what a small world huh? I've owned 3 Z06's and have 2 classic vettes. What a coincidence....

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