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After installing my T-1, Jim mentioned it is not in the right position, I have pm'd him, left 2 voice messages and cannot receive a response to the correct alignment. Can anyone please help me get the correct alignment of the filter, I tried the photo's from the pdf file and my hood will not close. About ready to abort and go back to the stock unit. T-1 with Z1000 race filter.

I emailed you through your private message.

Simply position the filter slightly upright from the shroud. Your hood will close fine. If you lay it directly on the shroud, you will lose some performance due to the filter being obstructed.

Here are our installation instructions. Note the position of the filter on the last page.

Attach the filter to the elbow first. Make sure the elbow is not further than the postivie stop. Tighten the hose clamp, then install the pair together.

You may need to move the MAG forward on the Throttle Body. It should slip over the throttle body, then tighten the hose clamps.

Call me at home with any further questions. 714-963-3000. T1/step1-t1.pdf

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