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I had the car lowered by a shop about a 1/2 an hour ago..

Is it normal the front raised 1 inch and the back dropped 1/4.

I know the car settles but does the front raise up or did the shop do it wrong.

Pls respond either way so I can go back to shop today!! lOL

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Thanks guys..I went back to the shop..and they reversed what they had done up front..LOL

I gave them not only the "how to sheets" but the magazine article..for some reason..the mechanic didn't get it the first time..

I probably confused him.

Anyway I would like to say what separates the good shops from the best are the best actually roll you right in and correct the mistake..

The car rides perfect..its 1/2 inch lower or 14 mm lower..

This is exactly what I wanted as described by the ZO6 performance mod recommendation by GM.

The car handles problems with bumps sooo it all worked out for the best.

Thanks to all the internet friends for your emails and advice.

Ended up exactly where I wanted to be.

Special thanks to Brian too

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