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Help me make a lifetime decision: Black or Yellow?

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Ordering time could be here as early as end of May and I'm still desperately trying to decide between black and yellow. I like both of them about equally and they both look great on a sports car like the Z06. So I'm gonna poll you people about which color looks more impressive on the Z. Think for example when you're one of the millions of people driving your gas-guzzling SUV on the freeway and in your rear-view mirrow you see a Z approaching fast and passing you. Would your jaw drop lower if the Z was black or yellow? Now a 2nd scenario.. You, again as a typical SUV driver, are walking in a parking lot of a shopping mall and next to all those SUV's, pickups, and jap cars you see a parked Z. Are you more likely to stare at it if it's yellow or would black impress you more?
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Damn, my two favorite colors. Hard desicion. You might try a roll of the dice...

Is this what you meant by someone looking in their mirror and seeing?

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/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_lol.gif @ Black_Magic. I hope it won't have to come down to dice. Also I don't think anyone would see your Z in the rear-view mirror like that. That's more like getting run over by one!
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Yello yuck!!! look at me I.m bright and yellow...Hey just kidding black is beautiful yellow? well not for me just 2 cents worth.....[by the way my 94zr1 was black mt 99 c5 was black and the new Z is quicksilver]
Full Nomex® suit on... JMHO: Black is drop dead cool... when real clean. Hard to see in scenario #1. (I also drive an SUV) Black is the best "stealth" color for extra legal speed runs. (V1 ON!!) BUT... it's a super sumbitchh to keep up... I've never had a black car in 33 tries. JMO

Yellow: Keewelll looking.... but can be seen by low earth orbit satellites... the WORST for any fast roadwork (do it only at the TRACK kids!!) And how long would you be in love with such a striking color. If you only keep a car for a year or 3, WTF... but if you're like me and keep 'em for a longer period (8 years on my Red '89)... you might like the Black better over the long haul. Also (JMO) if you are a long timer... the "eyeball" colors have better resale down the road. Eyeball colors: Red, Black, White & Silver. Classics that are always easier to sell. Remember brown metallic cars? Used they were "Saleproof". The following is just MHO!!

It's worth what you paid for it!
Well, I figure I'll drop my two cents in...

I'd go with Yellow. I _LOVE_ my black Z, but after having it since last sept, I kind of kick myself everytime I see an MY 'vette.

BUT (this is a big one), there is nothing out there more intimidating than a freshly polished-shiny-as-hell black Z hovering off your back bumper, when you're in a slow little truck (suv, car, whatever).

MY is beautiful, but black just rules.

Jeez, now I don't know what I'd rather have.
I would go with yellow only because it makes the scoops and lines of the car show more.
No slam on any black ZO6 owners just a fact that black does blend with black.
...And you couldn't go wrong with QuickSilver... JMHO

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I would tend to lean toward yellow. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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I think Harly explained the advatages of each very well. I have a black and when it's clean it looks great. You can't go wrong with black, but it is very tough to keep in perfect condition! You have to be Fanatical about cleaning and not scratching the clear coat.

On the other hand yellow looks very cool! It may not have the same following with outsiders of the Vette community, but it looks great on a Z.

Don't under estimate what it's going to take to keep the black looking good. For what it's worth, the February Automobile Mag. in the article that named Z06 car of the year, stated that the car looks its best in Black.
Well, I just changed my color from QS to Millennium Yellow.
Except for Vette meets, I saw my first Z06 in the area cruising down I-270 in St. Louis (not including Sherylann's). It looked mean as hell and it was Black!! I like the painted wheels on the Black!!

My choice would be yellow, but I love any Vet in Black! If I were to opt for a of my first choices would be Black with the Torch Red interior!
Absolutely breath taking when top is off!

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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I had a millenium yellow coupe y2k - before this black Z - I kinda miss the yellow - but the black is awesome - both are very difficult keeping clean ! Actually, the yellow attracts a ton of bugs, and you cannot hardly see the Zaino - when you wax it. As for the black, the pollen is a nightmare - and you must clean it at least once a day /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif heh .... I say:

FLIP a COIN! 50/50 ?
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In NV and all hot baking states MY
Black for a cool stealth look and if your into washing everyday..blacks a tough keep question..its work..

Yellow if you want to scream to the world you have one bad @ss machine....Probably get way with a lot less washing..but then again..washing your Corvette every day may be one of your pleasures../phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif

JMHO..and in fact..the one thing I can say is they are both excellent choose from..

How about the new blue? Thats screaming too!
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