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Hey JC - NBC is going to Interview me about racing the Z06...

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Here in Chicago NBC Channel 5 is doing a little segment on Corvette's during THIS Sunday's News Broadcast, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM... now they have picked about 25 people to interview over a 22 minute period for the segment on Corvette's etc... Due to my racing the ZO6 and the times that I run etc, they tracked me down through other people that I know, at 1st I was not going but they really wanted me to come to be interviewed... as soon as I realized that this was not going to be some "park the car's and the weather man is going to say "sunny ahd 80" in front of them" I wanted to go... but that same day is my 1 year wedding date... but the Wife understands and I get to go to be interviewed by NBC about racing a ZO6 (kinda cool)...

It is a 2 hour show and 22 minutes of it is set aside for the Corvette's

but KINDA LAME if I have to go down there and say "well, it is in for warrenty repair!"


I talked to my dealership to explain the situation to them, you figure they would make sure a ZO6 was there for me to stand in front of... NA... I want to get ahold of the District person but do not know how to contact them... I mean, it is REALLY to their advantage to make sure that I'm there to talk about the ZO6... (At least I think so)

and JC - Don't you worry my man, if they ask me where someone would be able to find more information on a Z06... This place will be the 1st thing out of my mouth (The check is in the mail Right JC? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif hehe)
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Jim - I might want to get together with you to see what we can do for the future... This banner is plenty good for what we are doing this sunday (let's face it, we where crunched on time) but something without a background (You can't tell in my sig but my Camaro has one that is only letters, no background)...

I might give you a call to see what you have to offer... We can then make something up, and post it to see if there is any intrest on the forum for ZO6vette members.

On 2001-06-14 22:31, sabszo6 spewed forth this drivel:
elmwood park is straight east on 64 , to 1st ave maywood park race track . i hope you get it in time but if anything goes wrong or you dont get it for some reason please let me know heres my beeper #708-324-5159 hope your interview goes well and you have to put one in for the forum .. i going to tape it .. . ok man good luck . let me know thanks jim

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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