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Hi all! I'm new to the Z forums and want to order an 02'.. Need some recomendations->

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First of all I'd like to welcome myself, my name is Mike Tracy and I live in Chicago, Il. My previous cars have been two F-Bodies a 96 Camaro Z28, 98 TA WS6, and am currently selling an 00' Audi S4. After a test drove of the 01' ZO6 I was hooked!! Plus I refuse to buy another Audi after the trouble I encountered with a certian dealership. (head down) -remembering owning a GM where the dealers actually stood behind the customers instead of saving their own ass with the sole purpose of making sure their own pockets remain filled, denying sopposedly covered warranty work! Aside from the introduction (and a little Audi negativity), I have a few questions for you fellow enthusiasts: First off, I went to a dealer in Libertyville and they had a 01' Torch Red ZO6 for $40,080, does this seem like the right price to pay (I thought it seemed like a good deal, but I really want a 02' and don't mind waiting)? What is the ballpark waiting time you've had to deal with after the initial order was placed? What is a fair price to pay for an 02? Lastly I can't seem to decide in a color: anybody have any pics of the ("E") Blue color or any color for that matter to help my decision a little easier? Please post any pics you want to give me a better idea of what I want to get. Thanks again and sorry if some of these questions were redundant or boring, but any halp would be greatly appriciated!
-Mike Tracy
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Sorry for your Audi experience.. The S4 is a truly amazing car..

That '01 Z06 -- how many miles did it have on it?
11 mi.. It was brand new!
Jump on that, man!!! That's an OUTSTANDING deal..
That's what I thought when they told me the price it makes me think that something was wrong with it or something, but I test drove it and it seemed great, I just wasn't too much for the red interior, I guess personal preference, but who know maybe it would grow on me. I really love the Speedway white and the Silver, but have yet to see the blue color. I wonder if the dealer is trying to unload the Z, and that other dealers will follow that path, awaiting the arrivial of the 02'. How much more would I end up paying for a 2002 above the 40,080 price I was quoted? My guess is around 45ish, does that sound right? Plus If I order the car am I generally forced to pay a premium or the MSRP? Thanks for the help. BTW the Audi was a spectacular car, just too bad things turned out the way they did. Too make me even more sick I had the car just about set up too.. I recently purchased the APR Stage 2 kit on it trying to achieve 360hp, had the short throw kit, 18x8.5's, ect, etc.. The days I battled with the dealer, when I figured out I had to sell the car, the APR kit arrived /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif Anyways I got lucky and sold the kit only one hr after it arrived for the price I purchased it for and sold the shifter and other goodies as well. I have some mint wheels for sale, if your interested.. (18x8.5 AEZ Bimo's on 225 Yokohama AVS sports), they will be going up on AW soon.
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Man, hmm. Are you in some country with a non-US currency or something? Canadian dollars?? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

MSRP on these Z06's is around $49k, and unless you're really lucky, you won't get anything off of that.. More dealers are marking them up - instead of down. I'm in disbelief a bit that a dealer would be marking down an '01 by about 25%. That's insane..

The price for the '02 hasn't been published yet, but my guess (without any markups) would be $53-$56k..

BTW, I'm definitely gunna go Stage-2 on the S4, but I want to wait until about 10,000 miles to make sure all the problems have shaken out of it.. Only have 2700 miles on it now, long way to go.
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Wow thats a huge descrepency, I'll be heading back to that dealer then!! They didn't sound canadian /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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02 prices have not been published yet, but the majority of us believe the price is not going to be any more than $1000 above MSRP from last year. Not to mention some dealers in our area are giving a discount off MSRP for 02's.

$40k for the new 01 sounds VERY low...if that is indeed the price, jump all over it!

BTW, this is supposedly the EBlue:
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Mr Face:

Welcome to the forum! Yes, that is a hard-to-believe price, even for a Z with low miles. Be sure to check the mileage on the odometer, and ask for a check on warranty claims, if any, or if it had ever been in an accident. If all checks out ok, jump on it, and enjoy the best Vet ever!

Zippy /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the Forum. You'll find lots of great info here alonb with a bunch of great enthusiasts.

Unbelievable price!! I'd be jumping all over that deal.
$40,000 is below invoice. I can't see a dealer losing money on a new Z06. Something is fishy here.
I've noticed a few posters have Audi S4's, My other car is an S4 too. The Z06 is a great car, but don't you wish Corvette could give us some of that Audi build quality? the seats,...or a dashbord that doesn't reflect into the windshield on bright days,...or headlights that work,...or, ....I guess I better quit before I get myself into trouble here /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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Too bad about your Audi experience. I have a '98 A4 and an '01 S4 (which I absolutely love). The one thing you'll find is that here and on corvetteforum, it's like one big happy family. These are the best automotive sites I've seen. Audiworld sucked the big one, in fact, I never go on that site anymore. Welcome, and enjoy your new Z when you get it.
Thanks for the picture Lambinator and all those who helped in this pressing decision, I can almost taste the feeling I once felt of stomping that accelerator to the floor and spinning those tires through the gears.. Hopefully very soon I will be the proud owner of the Z06 (Cross your fingers for me!) Also, I must say that the S4 was a very tight car and craftsmenship was awesome, but It seems that I and others on this forum are drawn to cars different from the pack of sheeps, therefore we are forced to wait godforsaken long periods of time to recieve the cars or pay sticker, but all I know is from the reasearch I have done, and Motor Trend will back me up on this one, is that it still ranked above the Viper and the Rustang Cobra R, and the price in another ballpark! Therefore I was left with only one decision, Z06, I hope it is the right one, unlike my last one, but I guess everyone has a little bad luck now and then...
Duplicate, Please ignore.

The deal sounds to good. I would really check it out.

Sorry about S4. My son has a 2001 and has been perfect. I think it is at stage 2. It rocks!

Best of luck on " The Deal " keep us posted.

2k /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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That price seems way too low. Are you sure of that? Who is the dealer? It may be a buy back car, but with only 11 miles on the clock that seems strange, unless there is more to the story. ?????
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