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I wanted a baseline 1/4 mi time before any mods like most of us on here. I saw a post that said to raise front tires to 42 and lower rears to 23. Then launch at 2000rpm. I had severeAnd wheel hop (COMP DRIVING mode) til I got out of it, then it turned on. My 60' time sucked (2.191) as my recation time (.755) but I still got a 13.13 at 109.73mph. Being an autocrosser and not a drag racer, this is all new to me. And since this was an elimination event, I broke out of a dial in of 13.30 and was thru.
When begining an Autocross run, I just release the clutch and take off with some wheel spin but never any hop. Can you drag race this way instead of reving it up and dumping it??
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