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We've taken two very popular upgrades, put them in a package and gave it a very nice discount!

Eradispeed rotors

EradiSpeed+ rotors are a direct OEM replacement, but the "plus" indicated rotors that are of a two-piece design. An EradiSpeed+ hat is CNC machined from billet or forged aluminum and anodized black. The hats and rotors are joined by the same hardware used in Indy cars.

EradiSpeed™ performance OE replacement rotors deliver more than just "looks.” Every rotor in the EradiSpeed™ program has been purpose-cast, not to the OE specification of the rotor it replaces, but to Baer's specification, with improvements to increase the rotor's ability to survive in hard use. Each is exclusive to the EradiSpeed™ line and has been completely redesigned in a joint venture between Baer and Disc Brakes Australia (DBA®). All are cast with additional, higher quality iron in the "firepath," where the pad contacts the rotor, to provide a more substantial heat sink. This has two distinct benefits. First, every EradiSpeed™ rotor can be pushed farther in hard use before it heat soaks. Second, EradiSpeed™ rotors also provide greater durability. Claims of "improved durability" are often made or implied by other manufacturers, but Baer backs its claim with the industry's only "Limited Lifetime Warranty, against Warping."

Surfaces of EradiSpeed™ rotors are then crossdrilled and slotted. Unlike others who sell “cosmetically altered” rotors, Baer employs a “reverse rotational pattern” which is the standard in racing, world wide. This detail ensures that when the rotor is used with an aggressive pad, the material which transfers from the pad does not “smear” and “collect” following the slot. This is because the counter rotational slot drives into the pad, which keeps the pad “loaded.” In addition, every EradiSpeed™ unit has the crossdrilled holes located behind a vane to arrest hairline fractures and maintain the highest rotor integrity.

Functional benefits of crossdrilling and slotting include: virtual elimination of “green-pad-fade” or “outgassing,” which is caused when gasses emitted from the bonding agents within the pad material reach elevated temperatures; more aggressive initial onset or “bite”; elimination of pad glazing; improved contact surface because of equalized pad surface wear; and better wet weather performance.
EradiSpeed™ units are then zinc plated or “washed.” This protective, rust resistant finish wears off of the firepath during the first 300-400 miles of normal street driving. However, it remains on the surfaces not swept by the pad.

Combine these with the Hawk HPS pads -

Hawk Performance HPS compound provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance your driving experience. This unique compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports.


Extremely low dust

High friction/torque hot or cold

Gentle on rotors

Virtually noise-free

Much improved braking over OE

Long extended pad life

Our everyday package prices are -

1997-'04 Corvette -

2301011pack Front EradiSpeed (2 Piece) 12.75" Rotors with Hawk pads $509.99

2301025pack Front EradiSpeed (1 Piece) 12.75" Rotors with Hawk pads $309.99

2302020pack Rear EradiSpeed (1 Piece) 12" Rotors with Hawk pads $299.99

2302021pack Rear EradiSpeed Plus two (2 Piece) 14" Rotors with Hawk pads $519.99

Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-482-9763.(1-508-636-0770 in MA).

ORDER LINE - 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-508-636-0770 in MA)
E-MAIL - [email protected]

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