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:jammin: The locals in Houston would like to invite the TX2K5 drivers to particpate in our unofficial schedule of events. This schedule will not conflict with the official TX2K5 schedule. If you have any questions or want to come along post up or show up. I will be in the 98' QS with V8KLLR plates - easy to find if it gets chaotic.

For the official TX2K5 schedule please go here

3/9 Wednesday: Private

3/10 Thursday:

What: Late scenic drive to TWS. We will take a different route than just going up 290W.
Who: If you want to sleep in and are not racing you can drive to TWS late with us.
Where: From the Holiday Inn.
Time: From the Holiday Inn hotel where everyone is staying at 11ish. The last TWS event is scheduled at 4:30pm.
Route: Will be disclosed that day. It should take approximately 1.5 hours to get there. That will give you over 4 hours of watching time.

What: Night meet.
Who: Everyone.
Time: 9pm until you run out of gas ;)
Where: Frank N Steins (Sports Bar - Restaurant)

Frank N Steins
9907 S. HWY 6
Sugarland, TX 77478
281 568 5593

Directions: From the hotel, travel west on Westhiemer to HWY 6. Turn left on HWY 6 and travel about 5 miles. Frank N Steins should be on your left. Between Bissonet and Old Richmond.

3/11 Friday:

What: Night meet after the dinner at the Westside Tennis Club.
Who: Everone.
Time: 10pm.
Where: Willowbrook Mall - adjacent parking. The lot on 249 frontage road by 1960W. Park in the area in front of Shannons Street Waves. This is a large well lit parking lot and we have permission to be there.

Rules: (1) no burnouts (2) no loud music (3) no drinking (4) no racing by the meet (5) be friendly.

Directions: Directions from the Holiday Inn. Exit onto Westhiemer towards Beltway 8. Go under Beltway 8 and take a left. Head past I-10 and exit FM 249. Take a left on FM 249. Get onto 249 and exit 1960. Go down the exit slowly. Immediately on your right you will see the parking lot.

3/12 Saturday:

What: Caravan to RCR.
Who: Everyone.
Time: We leave by 8am.
Where: Meet at the Conoco gas station behind the Omni Hotel on I-10.
Directions: From Holiday Inn, pull out onto Westhiemer. Head east under Beltway 8. Take a left onto the feeder of Beltway 8. Get on Beltway 8. Travel to I-10 West towards San Antonio. Exit Eldrige. The Conoco is right behind the hotel.

13210 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77079
Phone: (281) 558-8338


What: Dinner on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We do this every year and it is alot of fun.
Who: Everyone.
Time: We head out after they hand out trophies at RCR.
Where: Every year we go to the Rio Rio Cantina (Mexican food).

Rio Rio Cantina
412 E. Commerce Street
San Antonio, TX
210 226 8462

3/13 Sunday: Get ready for TX2K6.

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Sounds good Amar...I'm in for the social stuff and the late nite fun. :D
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