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Supercharged Z06 possibly for sale?

How much could i get for my car? I would probably be better off parting out right??

I have most of the original parts.

Please dont get me wrong, im not selling yet so dont bombard me with PMs about parts yet. ;) I just want an idea of how much for the car as is.

2001 Z06, 30k miles.

CCW 19x11 rears and 19x10 fronts
Shorty Antenna
Rear License Plate Cover
20% Tint
MB Quart 3.5 Speakers
Vette Essentials Sport Leather Seats ModRed
ACI High Rise Hood
Window Valet
Stainless Steel Corvette Letters
Misc Decals
B&M Short Throw Shifter
Stainless Works Headers/X-pipe/Exhaust
Polished Magnacharger
Vararam Intake
AC Delco Durastop Cross Drilled Rotors

450rwhp, 430 rwtq

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I would say putting it back to stock and selling it that way, then selling the aftermarket parts would make you the most money without a doubt!

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