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How much DROP did you get from factory-lowering your Z?

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Hey all,

Lowered my Z via the factory hardware this weekend. Looks like I got 1/2" out of the front, and only 1/8" or so out of the rear...

I was under the impression that the rear would drop more than it did (and the front wouldn't move much). I'm liking the way the front looks, but I think the rear could stand another 1/2" drop.

I left two full threads in the rear. Should I go any more in the rear?

Also, how long did you all have to drive/let the car sit before the car "settled" into its new lowered height? I'm wondering if the rear will go any lower after more driving...

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I'm not quite sure how much I got out of lowering, but the front measures 26 7/8 to the center of the wheel well and the rear measures 27 7/8. I had to drive the car a couple of times before the settling stopped.
PA -- How many threads did you leave showing in the rear?


I left two threads sticking out of the nut.
Wow! Just measured my distances at lunchtime:

REAR: 28-5/8"
FRONT: 27"

Now, we're talking about measureing from the ground to the start/bottom of the highest point of the fender, yes?

...And I'm a full inch higher than you after doing the same adjustments?


Just measured mine stock:
28 5/8 rear
27 7/8 front

Some cars are just higher than others, 1fastdog's FRC looks like a 4wd. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif
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Mine is 26 15/16" in the front and 27 1/4" in the rear.
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