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I found a spark plug boot removal tool that works.

I decided to pull my plugs & put some anti sieze on the threads & dielectric grease on the boots. I had read posts about pulling the wires out of the boots and needing new plug wires. :mah:

Since you can't get a good grip on the stock boot with your fingers and regular boot tools won't work because of the metal sleeve I was stumped. :-?

I went to Cummins Tools and found something I had never seen before. It was a pair of 11" needle nose pliers that has the tip bent at an angle and the tip is rounded to fit around hoses & cables. :idea: I thought it might work.

It worked great on most of them. I put the round tip right next to the metal sleeve and put one hand on the jaws as close to the boot as I could. I squeezed the pliers & pulled straight out and they came off just fine with no damage to the boots or wires. :D For the ones that I could not use it on a long skinney pair of needle nose pliers worked fine.

I found it easier to remove the metal air pipe from the drivers side exhaust mainfold. Two 10 mm head bolts & take the hose off the vertical metal pipe by the power brake booster. Then the hoses connected to the metal pipe are flexable enough to let you move it around to get to the back 2 plugs. The gasket at the exhaust manifold came apart so you may need a new one. I had some asbestos gasket material so I made one.

It also helped to pull the check valve out of the power brake booster and move the hose out of the way. Take the plug wire out of the coil first and pull on the boot not the wire. Make sure you push the ends of the plug wires firmly on to the plug and the coil.

The pliers are made by PROMATE # 00414C. Promate tools is a division of Daido Corporation 615 Pierce St. Somerset, NJ 08875. They are made in China but worked fine for pulling the boots off.
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